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Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Bosch Distributor since 2021.

All Bosch spare parts at your disposal.

Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Bosch Distributor since 2021. We put at your disposal a wide range of spare parts for industrial vehicles of the best quality. From batteries to steering systems, all Bosch spare parts at your disposal!

Do you want to know more about the brand and its products?

Bosch products.

Different products for different needs.

The Bosch product range for commercial vehicles is broad and diverse. From fuel injection systems to energy management solutions, Bosch offers a complete range of components and systems that address specific customer needs.



The Bosch brand

Since its founding, Bosch has been a pioneer in innovation and quality. Its products and services not only meet but exceed market demands, providing solutions that optimise the performance and efficiency of commercial vehicles.

One of Bosch’s key strengths lies in its commitment to research and development. With continuous investment in cutting-edge technology, the brand not only keeps up with the latest trends, but anticipates them. This results in products that are not only reliable, but also leaders in efficiency and sustainability.

The company’s mission

Beyond the quality of its products, Bosch stands out for its commitment to customer service. With a global network of technical support and customer care, the brand ensures that its products perform optimally at all times. In addition, its focus on education and training ensures that professionals working with its products are always up to date with the latest developments and best practices.

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Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010

All Meritor spare parts at your disposal.

Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other components. 😎

In 2010, Auto Comercial Monedero assumed the official distribution of Meritor components. It’s just that… We are Official Distributors of the best brands in the automotive sector!!

Do you want to know more about the brand and its products? Don’t miss this post!

The products of Meritor

Auto Comercial Monedero, puts at your disposal a wide range of brand products. Like the differentials, their exploded view, the axles and the braking systems.

And it is that, Meritor is the largest independent manufacturer in the world of both heavy truck axles and braking systems for trucks, trailers, buses and coaches.

The Meritor brand and what it stands for

Meritor is one of the world’s leading suppliers to original equipment manufacturers. It occupies a privileged position in the after-sales market, in the transport and industrial sectors.

The origins of the brand date back to 1909, when Timken Detroit Axle was founded. Nearly a century later, the company renamed its automotive spin-off Meritor. Since that year, its logo has practically remained unchanged.

It should be noted that in 2022 Cummins Inc. announced the total acquisition of Meritor. This will position Cummins as a leading provider of integrated powertrain solutions. Especially in internal combustion and electric power application. All this, thanks to the integration of Meritor’s people, products and capabilities in axle and brake technology.

The vision of the company

The company has more than 100 years of history. Meritor has stood out for its innovative spirit, its strength in decision-making and its values.

Meritor’s vision is to become the world leader in providing advanced solutions. For what exactly? Transmission, mobility, braking and after-sales for industrial and commercial vehicles.

To achieve this, bet on:

  • Anticipate the needs of your customers.
  • Develop innovative products with superior energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Fulfill your commitments.
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Bet on teamwork, recognize the power of collaboration and respect different opinions.

Meritor’s “bull”

If something characterizes the brand, it is its bull logo, accompanied by the slogan “Run With The Bull”.

The Meritor logo is divided into two parts. On the one hand, the pictorial part made up of a winged bull on lightning, which is directed towards the lower right corner. On the other hand, the name of the brand ‘Meritor’ is shown in large, in white -on a black background- or in gray -on a white background-.

In this way, when the logo is displayed on the black background of the corporate website, the colors stand out. In this way, the symbology of courage, decision, speed, strength, energy and authority of the brand is reinforced.

Finally, it should be noted that the logo is usually accompanied by the slogan “Run With The Bull”. Which according to the brand itself is: “A symbol of power”. A symbol of not getting in the way because we will not stop for anything. When you run with the bull, it means something more than being farsighted. It means acting forward. Run With The Bull it’s a compromise.

Now that it is clear to you that we are Meritor Distributors, and that you can obtain the spare part you need through us… Don’t forget that we offer you a wide range of Meritor brand spare parts, such as braking system components, axles, differentials and their exploded view, among others.

Monedero, close as never, closer as always.




In the exciting world of automotive, every detail matters. And if there’s one thing that deserves your undivided attention, it’s taking care of your engine. After all, it’s the engine that powers every trip, every adventure on the road. To help you maintain that steady, reliable roar, we’ve put together five essential tips every driver should know.

Get ready to discover how you can keep your engine at the top of its game and ensure a smooth, worry-free ride.

1. Regular Oil Change: The Elixir of Your Engine’s Life

Oil is the guardian of your engine’s health. It provides vital lubrication, helps dissipate heat generated by friction and protects delicate internal parts from wear. With a proper maintenance program, you’ll be ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and is ready for any challenge on the road. And remember, always give your engine the best parts to ensure its long-term performance.

2. Air and Fuel Filters: Breathe Deep and Clean

Air and fuel filters are the lungs of your engine, ensuring that it breathes clean, impurity-free air and fuel. But, like any filter, they need to be checked and changed regularly to maintain their effectiveness. Optimal air and fuel flow not only improves your engine’s performance, but can also help reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

3. Keep Temperature Under Control: A Happy Cooling System is a Happy Engine.

Overheating is your engine’s silent enemy. To prevent your engine from overheating, it is crucial to maintain an efficient cooling system. This involves regularly checking the coolant level and quality, as well as inspecting the integrity of the hoses and radiator. Periodic cleaning of the radiator is also critical to prevent the buildup of dirt and other debris that could obstruct airflow.

4. The Belts: The Invisible Link That Keeps Everything in Motion

Engine belts are like the invisible threads that hold everything in place. From the timing belt to the accessory belts, these parts play a crucial role in the operation of your engine. But over time, belts can wear out or weaken, which can lead to catastrophic failures if they break while you’re on the move. Inspecting them regularly and replacing them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is critical to keeping your engine in top condition.

5. Listen to Your Engine: Your Best Guide on the Journey

Your engine is a master of nonverbal communication. It is always sending signals, whether in the form of unusual noises, strange vibrations or changes in performance. Paying attention to these signs is crucial. If something seems out of the ordinary, don’t ignore it. Take your vehicle to a reputable shop to have it checked out as soon as possible. Attending to problems immediately can save your engine from major damage and save you headaches and money on costly repairs. And remember, when it comes to replacing parts or making repairs, always opt for the best parts available to keep your engine in its best shape.


To keep an engine in good condition, it is essential to follow a regular maintenance schedule. This includes changing the oil regularly, keeping air and fuel filters clean, monitoring engine temperature, checking belts and watching for any signs of trouble. But most importantly, always use the best parts available, which will ensure optimum performance from your engine and avoid costly repairs.


Do you want to keep up to date with all the news in the sector? Enter our blog and don’t miss our articles… #BecomeExpert with Monedero!

We celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Auto Comercial Monedero was founded in 1998, and if we look back… who was going to tell us! What began as a small equipment repair shop has become over the years a large company, which operates nationally and internationally and with more than 50 workers.

The location: strategic, yes indeed.

Located in Motilla del Palancar, a strategic location near Madrid and Valencia, Monedero represents the dream of the family whose surname gives it its name.

Today, we export to more than 70 countries, we are present on all continents and we represent quality and excellence with each product we launch on the market.

Passion for work and effort has always represented us, and last September 14 we had the opportunity to celebrate everything with our workers, clients, suppliers, partners, friends and family. What a celebration!

The Casas Colgadas and the San Pablo Bridge in Cuenca were unparalleled witnesses of the event we organized at the Parador. We had the opportunity to show that Cuenca… is unique, and that Monedero is also unique.

More than 200 attendees had the opportunity to learn in depth the values that characterize us, and that we always abandon. Proximity… is there something that best defines Auto Comercial Monedero?


Welcome, round tables and speeches

A large part of the #TeamMonedero took the stage to make themselves known better by all attendees. Elena Cervera, our Marketing Director, opened the event by thanking all attendees for her presence, and made it clear that “we are not afraid to continue celebrating birthdays.”

In addition, we were able to enjoy the interventions of the Commercial Department: Jorge Reyes (Central-South Commercial Delegate), José María Darriba (Central-North Commercial Delegate), Juan Martínez (Export Director) and Miguel Ángel Domínguez (Commercial Director). They conveyed to us their close relationship with clients, collaborators and distributors, the importance of the brands that have trusted Monedero to distribute their products nationwide, and the powerful combination that all of them represent.

Also the interventions of the Purchasing Department: Óscar Meneses (Head of Spare Parts), Jorge Alberto Cerdán (Project Manager) and Carla Martínez (Purchasing Manager). They told us about the new developments (ambitious, we are not going to say otherwise) that will arrive at the end of this year and that we will be able to see on the market very soon.

We closed the event with the speech of our CEO, Daniel Monedero, who wanted to thank all attendees for their presence and briefly tell them how Monedero started and how they have managed to become a benchmark in the automotive sector.

Monedero and its values, the best inheritance

Daniel transmitted to us his closeness, characteristic of the entire Monedero family and also of the entire #TeamMonedero. Furthermore, all the values that have become the best heritage generation after generation, and thanks to which today, we can celebrate this anniversary, which will be the first of many more.

What is clear is that for Monedero, 25 years… taste like little!

Discover the differences between long block and short block

Become an expert and master the characteristics and differences of the different engine blocks.

If you work in the sector, or you are passionate about mechanics, you have surely heard about the long block and short block. These have a relevant role in all vehicles and, although you may know them in broad strokes, you may still have some doubts about their differences and characteristics.

But… don’t worry! The #TeamMonedero explains in this post the main differences so that you have it clear. We are experts in components for heavy and light commercial vehicles, special vehicles and buses. In this section, we will tell you everything you need to know, keep reading!

What they are, differences and characteristics

The engine block is a cast iron or aluminum structure in which all the parts of an engine are located. Thus, when you order a block (also known as a naked block) in the workshop, you should know that you are only getting the structure and, on it, you will have to assemble the rest of the elements to complete the engine.

However, when we talk about short and long blocks, the main difference lies in the number of parts included in each of them. Do you want to know more? Don’t miss the following sections!

Short block

The short block or short block engine is the lower part of the engine. It includes the cylinder block, where the combustion chambers are located, and has different individual parts such as the crankshaft, the camshaft, the engine equipment (piston + cylinder liners), the bushings, the cooler and the oil pump.

Among the advantages of a short block we can highlight that its initial price is cheaper and that it allows greater customization. However, among its disadvantages, we can highlight that it requires a longer installation time, since the different components must be checked and assembled by the customer.

Below, you can see a picture of one of the most sold short blocks: the Mercedes Benz OM651 short block with reference 10010300061, which you can find in our b2b web platform.

MB OM651LA short block with reference 10010300061.
MB OM651LA short block with reference 10010300061.

Long block

The long block engine includes both the short block, which is the lower part of the engine, and the upper part.

Thus, the long block will include components such as the cylinder head and sometimes camshaft plus rocker arms. Even so, it should be noted that the engine would not be complete, because it would still have to add some components such as the fuel system and the intake and exhaust manifolds, among others.

Among the advantages of a long block we can highlight that the parts included are already adjusted, which also saves time. However, it has some disadvantages such as, the initial price is higher and you can not customize it, which may lead many to prefer the short block.

Below is a picture of one of the best-selling long blocks: the MAN D2676 long block with reference number 20010400018, which you can find on our b2b web platform.

MAN 2676 long block with reference number 20010400018.
MAN 2676 long block with reference number 20010400018.


In Monedero we always want to offer the best to our customers, that is why we are distributors of a large number of brands that meet our high quality standards.

We have short blocks and long blocks for light commercial vehicles from Man, Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Volvo, DAF, Scania, Cummins, RVI, among others. For passenger cars and vans we also have short blocks and long blocks for Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford, Fiat, Renault… and many more! Enter our b2b web platform and discover everything we can offer you.


Now that you know what they are, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, you will have the opportunity to make better decisions. You will be able to evaluate what you prioritize when buying an engine block, if you prefer it assembled or if you prefer its customization. In addition, you will take into account the time you have available, as well as your budget.

Based on all of the above, you will decide whether in your particular case it is better to buy a short block or a long block… knowledge is power!

In Auto Comercial Monedero we work to offer you the best service and help you make better decisions. Let our experts advise you and you won’t miss anything. Thanks to the section of this blog you will learn everything you need to know about the automotive sector.

About us…

Monedero has been serving the automotive sector for 25 years and we are one of the reference companies in the automotive sector.

We are characterized by our investment in R+D+i and our commitment to the digitalization of processes. Thus, through our new b2b web platform you will be able to find more than 1 million references, as well as obtain personalized technical assistance.

Among our strengths we highlight our human resources. Our professionals are highly qualified and specialized in the automotive sector. Therefore, we are prepared to always offer you the best solution to your problems, thanks to our experience and knowledge in the market. In short: people, experience and know-how.

Want to keep learning with Monedero? Read our blog and… Become an expert!
We have everything you need to take you far

Monedero improves the block for Scania DT12

Auto Comercial Monedero has developed a new version of Scania’s DT12 block with the purpose of increasing its strength and durability.

The leading company in the automotive sector has optimized one of the best-selling in its catalog, the Scania’s DT12 engine block. This new version is characterized by a new engine block cover, which softens the curvature of the previous version, increasing the resistance and life of the product!

The new release can be found on the Auto Comercial Monedero B2B web platform by searching for the Monedero reference number: 40010000001. This reference is equivalent to the original Scania references: 1424706, 1540323, 1851982, 2027585, 1425318, 1720096 and 2055383.

The new version of the block is compatible with Scania P/G/R/T series truck models, Irizar PB and Century buses, as well as Scania K/F/N series buses.

The bench cover

Scania’s first DT12 block was launched in 2018 and has been in constant evolution ever since. In the latest version, it debuts a new design of the engine bed cover, in which the curvature of previous models is softened, resulting in greater strength.

The engine main cover is one of the most relevant elements in the lubrication circuit. It is located just below the engine block, but always above the crankcase. The crankshaft is also located inside the part.

Among its functions, we can highlight the solidity it offers to the engine and the containment of the force generated by the crankshaft rotation. It also acts as a retaining wall for the oil.

Due to the important role it plays within the engine mechanism, it is of vital importance that it is resistant to avoid as much wear as possible due to the forces and high temperatures.

Although it is not usual, it can suffer breakdowns due to the passage of time or due to factory defects, such as the loss of liquids responsible for lubrication and cooling of the engine. This could lead to engine failure.

Difference of Scania DT12 block/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)
Difference of Scania DT12 block/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)



Continuous innovation

Auto Comercial Monedero was born in Motilla del Palancar in 1998, with the purpose of serving the automotive sector, providing the market with services and products with a high level of quality. Currently, the company develops, manufactures and distributes spare parts, being a reference in the sector and operating in more than 70 countries.

Its values include a commitment to quality, the environment, people’s wellbeing, as well as its commitment to R+D+i. Monedero is a symbol of quality, technology and excellence.

The company’s engineering department receives continuous training on cutting-edge issues in the sector, studying ways to improve products, processes and services. In addition, Auto Comercial Monedero collaborates with specialized entities in the sector. These help its professionals to improve in reverse engineering, which has a positive impact on product development, ensuring the Monedero guarantee.

Reverse engineering

Monedero has the best professionals specialized in reverse engineering, also known as retro-engineering. But… what exactly does this consist of?

Reverse engineering is a process that is carried out with the objective of obtaining information from the design of a product. Through its implementation, it is possible to determine which components make up the product, as well as the way in which they act with each other.

Through this process, Auto Comercial Monedero develops its own components based on the most requested products in the market, but at a much more competitive price.

Thanks to this process, the company is able to market its own brand of spare parts for engines, gearboxes and differentials. In this way, innovation and research play a fundamental role in Monedero’s strategy.

B2B web platform

Monedero has a new B2B web platform with more than 1 million references, complete traceability and personalized assistance in real time.

Through this, you can consult the references you need, since the search engine allows you to search both the name of the product and the original and OEM reference number.

How to do it? Follow these steps:

  1. Register in our online store and fill in the technical data sheet.
  2. Fill the cart with the products you need.
  3. Choose the payment method that suits you best.
  4. And that’s it! You will receive it soon.

Through our B2B web platform you can purchase our Scania DT12 application block and… many more products! Come in, register and take a look.

Monedero, we have what it takes to take you far.



At Monedero we work every day pursuing a dream: to achieve the highest quality standards, in record time.

In our new corporate video you will be able to see how is the day to day of Auto Comercial Monedero. How we carry out the necessary processes to obtain the highest quality products and services in the automotive sector.

Tradition and dedication to walk the path of the future.

Our products are present in the daily lives of our customers, and we accompany them by providing them with security and confidence.

Since its foundation, Monedero has not stopped growing, to the point of becoming a benchmark in the world market for spare parts. We are capable of designing, manufacturing, distributing and advising, adapting to the needs of each client, because each client is unique.

Offering integral, innovative, personalized and fast solutions is the basis of everything we are, of everything we do. We have the experience, we know the market and we stand for quality.

New corporate video of Auto Comercial Monedero.
New corporate video of Auto Comercial Monedero.

We are growing, and by doing so we preserve the best of our essence. We are committed to technology and a staff of highly qualified and motivated professionals, to respond to the highest demands of the present and move forward strongly into the future.

No matter what challenges the market poses to us. We always get the best results. That is why we have been leaders in our sector for more than 20 years. For us there are no limits, that is why research and development are part of our company philosophy, offering the solutions that our customers demand, with the continuous launch of new products.

Achieving constant improvement in our processes is the way we pursue our dream. We will not stop doing it. Because if you need it, we want to be prepared to offer you the unimaginable.

We have everything you need to make you go far.

Discover all the news Monedero has for you!

Keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the sector with our blog.



Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Bosch Distributor since 2021. All Bosch spare parts at your disposal. Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Bosch Distributor since 2021. We put at your disposal a wide range of spare parts for industrial v...


Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010 All Meritor spare parts at your disposal. Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other compon...


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GROUPAUTO UNION IBERICA INTEGRATES MONEDERO AMONG ITS STRATEGIC SUPPLIERS. We are pleased to inform that MONEDERO has recently joined the Groupauto Union Ibérica (GAIUB) spare parts proposition for the repair of commercial vehicle engines. This ex...

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