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We serve a global market at Monedero, with customers hailing from many different countries, with their own demographics and different legislation

Supply chain management means that we streamline the standardisation and integration of all processes, organising the necessary documentation and information to facilitate national and international relations with our customers.

By efficiently managing both processes and information, we provide companies with the flexibility they need when sourcing spare parts for engines, gearboxes and differentials, which we at Monedero can deliver smoothly and on time.

We work with high quality standards, always ensuring proper process management. We take care of every detail, from the supply of raw materials to the distribution of our products.

At Monedero, we believe in continuous improvement, which is why we have been making changes to the supply chain until we reached a much more powerful version than ever before, thus enabling us to:

Customer preferences

Analyse the preferences of our customers so that we can anticipate market demand and focus our commercial strategy on customer satisfaction.

Automated connection

A new and modern way of managing inventory, using tools and technologies that transform warehouses into intelligent logistics centres, resulting in a reduction in customer waiting time and an increase in efficiency at a global level.


All company departments work together, establishing synergies that ensure that there is no failure during the processes that make up the supply chain.
We can therefore assure full traceability of our products, from the manufacture of the product until they are delivered to the end customer
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We celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Auto Comercial Monedero was founded in 1998, and if we look back... who was going to tell us! What began as a small equipment repair shop has become over the years a large company, which operates nationally and internationally and with more than 5...

Official Distributor of Meritor

Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010 Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other components. 😎 In 2010, Auto Comercial Monedero a...
Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LIV and passenger cars.

Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LCV and passenger cars

The success of the previous launch has prompted Monedero to expand its range of cylinder heads for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars Last year, Auto Comercial Monedero carried out one of the most ambitious projects in its history. In Oc...
Camions à hydrogène

Hydrogen trucks, fact or fiction?

Hydrogen is proposed by the European Union as a good alternative to gasoline or diesel, but doubts arise as to whether it is applicable to all types of vehicles. As we mentioned in the previous blog post, in recent months there has been a heated d...

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