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Component repair service with Monedero quality

Repair and assembly

Innovative technology
serving your components

We have a dedicated assembly rebuilding and testing department, ensuring optimum performance and maximum reliability. Facilities equipped with high-tech machinery and state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Our comprehensive quality controls use self-diagnostics equipment and test benches for the final verification of the product, controlling all parameters and recording the results in a complete report that accompanies all our assemblies.

Repair study

Incoming equipment is examined to determine the repair needs. The condition of the key elements and all other components of the equipment is checked and verified for each part based on the manufacturer’s technical instructions.

Component replacement

Having conducted the necessary studies, the damaged components are replaced and the equipment is assembled.

Quality control

After the rebuilding process is complete, we carry out an exhaustive verification study to check that everything is working properly.

State-of-the-art machinery

We have the latest technology machinery at Monedero, enabling us to shorten processing times, increase safety and ensure the optimum results that the market demands.

Monedero Quality

The rebuilding and verification processes take place entirely in-house, ensuring the same high quality standards embodied by Monedero.

Latest technology

We are well adapted to the rapidly developing world of electromechanics and the successive innovations and transformations. We deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions for the sector, enabling us to position ourselves as a benchmark in the global market for rebuilders.

Sector benchmarks

We deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions for the sector, enabling us to position ourselves as a benchmark in the global market for rebuilders.


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We celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Auto Comercial Monedero was founded in 1998, and if we look back... who was going to tell us! What began as a small equipment repair shop has become over the years a large company, which operates nationally and internationally and with more than 5...

Official Distributor of Meritor

Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010 Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other components. 😎 In 2010, Auto Comercial Monedero a...
Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LIV and passenger cars.

Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LCV and passenger cars

The success of the previous launch has prompted Monedero to expand its range of cylinder heads for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars Last year, Auto Comercial Monedero carried out one of the most ambitious projects in its history. In Oc...
Camions à hydrogène

Hydrogen trucks, fact or fiction?

Hydrogen is proposed by the European Union as a good alternative to gasoline or diesel, but doubts arise as to whether it is applicable to all types of vehicles. As we mentioned in the previous blog post, in recent months there has been a heated d...

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