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Our job is to achieve perfection for your vehicles

We supply companies and private customers with components for heavy and light commercial vehicles, special vehicles and buses

Spare parts distributors

We supply companies and private customers with components for heavy and light commercial vehicles, special vehicles and buses.

Garages and dealers

Dealers, official services and independent service shops dedicated to repairing buses, coaches, heavy and light commercial vehicles.

Buses and coaches

We are trusted by many passenger transport companies. We work with components for urban, intercity and private buses. Public and private sector companies alike trust us for gearbox repairs, component purchases and professional advice.

Freight shipping

Companies and freelancers engaged in hauling freight with light, medium or heavy-duty commercial vehicles place their trust in Monedero. We offer technical assistance, sales and component repair.

Public works, cranes and special vehicles

We have equipment and spare parts for construction vehicles and machinery, cranes, construction lorries, dumpers, loaders, trenchers, pumping trucks, etc

Waste management

Group comprising every company dedicated to waste collection and transfer in our towns and cities.

Railway sector

We supply components for rail vehicles powered by diesel engines.

Naval and maritime

We supply engine components to medium-sized naval vehicles.

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We celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Auto Comercial Monedero was founded in 1998, and if we look back... who was going to tell us! What began as a small equipment repair shop has become over the years a large company, which operates nationally and internationally and with more than 5...

Official Distributor of Meritor

Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010 Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other components. 😎 In 2010, Auto Comercial Monedero a...
Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LIV and passenger cars.

Monedero launches new cylinder heads for LCV and passenger cars

The success of the previous launch has prompted Monedero to expand its range of cylinder heads for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars Last year, Auto Comercial Monedero carried out one of the most ambitious projects in its history. In Oc...
Camions à hydrogène

Hydrogen trucks, fact or fiction?

Hydrogen is proposed by the European Union as a good alternative to gasoline or diesel, but doubts arise as to whether it is applicable to all types of vehicles. As we mentioned in the previous blog post, in recent months there has been a heated d...

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