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Auto Comercial Monedero, Official Distributor of Meritor since 2010

All Meritor spare parts at your disposal.

Auto Comercial Monedero has been an Official Meritor Distributor since 2010. We offer you differentials, exploded views, and other components. 😎

In 2010, Auto Comercial Monedero assumed the official distribution of Meritor components. It’s just that… We are Official Distributors of the best brands in the automotive sector!!

Do you want to know more about the brand and its products? Don’t miss this post!

The products of Meritor

Auto Comercial Monedero, puts at your disposal a wide range of brand products. Like the differentials, their exploded view, the axles and the braking systems.

And it is that, Meritor is the largest independent manufacturer in the world of both heavy truck axles and braking systems for trucks, trailers, buses and coaches.

The Meritor brand and what it stands for

Meritor is one of the world’s leading suppliers to original equipment manufacturers. It occupies a privileged position in the after-sales market, in the transport and industrial sectors.

The origins of the brand date back to 1909, when Timken Detroit Axle was founded. Nearly a century later, the company renamed its automotive spin-off Meritor. Since that year, its logo has practically remained unchanged.

It should be noted that in 2022 Cummins Inc. announced the total acquisition of Meritor. This will position Cummins as a leading provider of integrated powertrain solutions. Especially in internal combustion and electric power application. All this, thanks to the integration of Meritor’s people, products and capabilities in axle and brake technology.

The vision of the company

The company has more than 100 years of history. Meritor has stood out for its innovative spirit, its strength in decision-making and its values.

Meritor’s vision is to become the world leader in providing advanced solutions. For what exactly? Transmission, mobility, braking and after-sales for industrial and commercial vehicles.

To achieve this, bet on:

  • Anticipate the needs of your customers.
  • Develop innovative products with superior energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Fulfill your commitments.
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Bet on teamwork, recognize the power of collaboration and respect different opinions.

Meritor’s “bull”

If something characterizes the brand, it is its bull logo, accompanied by the slogan “Run With The Bull”.

The Meritor logo is divided into two parts. On the one hand, the pictorial part made up of a winged bull on lightning, which is directed towards the lower right corner. On the other hand, the name of the brand ‘Meritor’ is shown in large, in white -on a black background- or in gray -on a white background-.

In this way, when the logo is displayed on the black background of the corporate website, the colors stand out. In this way, the symbology of courage, decision, speed, strength, energy and authority of the brand is reinforced.

Finally, it should be noted that the logo is usually accompanied by the slogan “Run With The Bull”. Which according to the brand itself is: “A symbol of power”. A symbol of not getting in the way because we will not stop for anything. When you run with the bull, it means something more than being farsighted. It means acting forward. Run With The Bull it’s a compromise.

Now that it is clear to you that we are Meritor Distributors, and that you can obtain the spare part you need through us… Don’t forget that we offer you a wide range of Meritor brand spare parts, such as braking system components, axles, differentials and their exploded view, among others.

Monedero, close as never, closer as always.


Auto Comercial Monedero: 25 years of history

Monedero celebrates its quarter century with the largest investment in its history in the development of new products.

Auto Comercial Monedero was born in 1998 in Motilla del Palancar as a small repair shop for engines, gearboxes and differentials. At that time, the team consisted of two mechanics, an apprentice and a spare parts salesman.

At the beginning, the workshop was managed by José Luis Monedero, father of the current manager, Daniel Monedero, who took over the management in 2004.

Brand distribution

In 2005, with the evolution of the company, they moved to renovated facilities (where they still are today, although after several renovations and extensions). Furthermore, Monedero decided to travel to trade fairs and try to work with alternative brands, the first one being Kaçmazlar. It was in 2009, when this manufacturer gave him the exclusive distribution of its products for all of Spain, which was a before and after regarding this line of business.

In 2010, when Monedero became the official distributor of Meritor, the first OEM brand. In addition, we managed to be among the top distributors of the brand, which strengthened Monedero as a distributor of spare parts nationwide.

Official ZF Service

In the year 2017, Auto Comercial Monedero is established as an Official ZF Service, which involves not only the distribution of official ZF spare parts, but also technical service, repair, training, etc. From this point on, not only the distribution, but also the after-sales service is taken over.

Thus, Auto Comercial Monedero has access to manuals, programming and technical training. Daniel Monedero emphasizes that “thanks to being an Official ZF Service, they provide technical assistance and maintenance to their customers, which translates into increased confidence on their part”.

The rise of Monedero products

Over the years, Monedero begins to offer its own products to nearby countries under a stronger strategy. Thus, in 2014, the first Monedero product was launched: a conical pair.

For the development of this reference, a significant investment was made, which was amortized shortly after, resulting in a complete success for the brand. The fact is that all brands had products that broke down and often there were no spare parts for these products on the alternative market. Therefore, this was an important competitive advantage for the company with respect to its competitors.

Auto Comercial Monedero relies on ITECAM, the technology center of Castilla-La Mancha and the Industrial Technology Park of the University of Albacete for the development of its products. Its commitment to investment in reverse engineering has led it to develop a wide range of its own products.

Among them, we can highlight the launch of the Scania DT12 application Monoblock in 2018 and the MAN D2066 application monoblock engine cylinder head in 2019. Of the latter, more than 1,000 are marketed per year… making it a great success and paying off its investment in the first year!


Due to the unstoppable success of Monedero products, it was decided to carry out an internationalization strategy. Trade missions began in 2013, visiting countries such as Colombia, Chile, Peru, Romania, Cuba, Ecuador and Morocco to publicize its own products abroad and establish synergies. In addition, a commitment was made to international trade fairs, the first one being in 2016.

It was in 2017, when the export department was created with the aim of defining strategies and giving importance to the internationalization process within the company.

Currently, thanks to the establishment of effective strategies, Auto Comercial Monedero operates in the five continents and is in more than 70 countries.

Future objectives

Monedero is starting to include other product segments for passenger cars or vans, with the aim of continuing to focus on expanding its portfolio of brands such as V.I.L. cylinder heads and industrial application products. For this reason, in 2023, coinciding with the celebration of its 25th anniversar, it will make the largest investment in the development of new products in its history.

At the same time, it is committed to investing in R&D to make a major technological change, because it is working on the development and digitization of warehouses.

Its eagerness to follow the latest technological trends led it last year to the creation of the new platform and online store for professionals (B2B) and among its goals is to increase sales through this channel, to work for the automation of processes.

All this thanks to the work of the #TeamMonedero, qualified professionals who bring their talent to make you go far.
 Monedero, closer than ever, close as always

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