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Monedero launches new oil pans

Auto Comercial Monedero launches two new oil pans, compatible with Mercedes Benz and Scania brands.

The leading company in the automotive sector has developed two oil pans, references that are among the most demanded in the sector in recent months. One of them is for Mercedes Benz 0M936 application and the other for Scania D13-DC16 application.

Both have been developed and manufactured by #EquipoMonedero, under the strictest quality standards. Thus, offering a more economical price to customers compared to original parts.Interested? Read on for more information.

Mercedes Benz OM936 application

Auto Comercial Monedero has developed an oil pan for Mercedes Benz application, specifically for the OM936 engine and compatible with its versions: 935912, 935913, 935914, 935915, 935916, 936910, 936912, 936916, 936972 and 936973. Therefore, it can be applied to Actros, Atego and Arocs vehicles.

The reference is 10016300011 and the equivalent references to the Mercedes Benz originals are A9360102313 and A9360103713.

Mercedes Benz OM936 application oil pan/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)
Mercedes Benz OM936 application oil pan/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)

Application Scania D13-DC16

Another product developed by Auto Comercial Monedero is the Scania application oil pan, for the DC13 or DC16 engine.

This can be used in the P/G/R/T series trucks (since 2003) and trucks with the L/P/G/R/S series (since 2016).

The oil pan part number is 40016300001, the equivalent of the original Scania part numbers 2102851, 2840476, 2362030 and 2840476.

Scania DC13-DC16 oil pan application/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)
Scania DC13-DC16 oil pan application/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)

The oil pan

If you’re passionate about mechanics, you’ve probably wondered at some point what an oil pan is, what functions it has and what kind of breakdowns it could suffer. So… Keep reading and become an #ExpertoMonedero!

The oil pan is a sheet steel or aluminum alloy component, which is located under the crankshaft and connecting rods. It closes the engine block. This part has a concave shape, which is very useful for collecting the oil that lubricates the mechanical components in motion.

It is important to note that the oil sump is used in four-stroke engines. However, it is not present in two-stroke engines, because in these the oil is supplied together with the gasoline.


The oil sump has three main functions. Firstly, it collects the oil from the engine and ensures optimum lubrication of the vehicle’s moving parts. Subsequently, the oil is sucked by the oil pump and returns to the engine, repeating this process cyclically.

Secondly, the oil pan helps to cool the oil. This is vitally important, as it allows the oil to cool before repeating its path again, preventing overheating.

Finally, the oil pan is responsible for providing rigidity to the engine block. This is because the crankcase houses the connecting rods, pistons and crankshaft, preventing these parts from coming into contact with debris.

Possible failures

The oil pan must be of good quality and maintained in good condition, otherwise it may fail.

Due to its location in the lower part of the engine, it can suffer cracks or ruptures and, consequently, oil leaks. In addition, if it were to break, the engine could run out of lubricant and overheat due to the friction of the parts.

Another of the most common breakdowns is when the seals, which join it to the rest of the engine components, fail and leakage occurs.

It is also possible that, if the temperature of the oil increases excessively, gases may be produced, which would contribute to an increase in the pressure inside the oil pan and cause leaks. To avoid this, the most modern engines have a built-in depressurization or breathing valve.

Finally, it should be added that if it is not possible to remedy the faults described above, the crankcase should be replaced with a new one. Although this is a simple task, it must be carried out by a professional, because the bolts must have a specific tightening torque indicated by the manufacturer, and the gasket must be installed with precision. In this way, we will avoid problems in the engine and, consequently, in the vehicle.

B2B web platform

Monedero’s new B2B web platform has more than 1 million references. Through it, you can consult the references you need, since the search engine allows you to search both the product name and the original and OEM reference number.

How to use it? Follow the steps below:

  1. Register in our online store and fill in the data sheet.
  2. Fill the cart with the products you need.
  3. Choose the payment method that best suits you.
  4. And that’s it! You will receive it soon.


Through our B2B web platform you will be able to purchase our oil pans and… many more products! Come in, register and take a look.

Monedero, we have everything you need to make you go far.


Monedero improves the block for Scania DT12

Auto Comercial Monedero has developed a new version of Scania’s DT12 block with the purpose of increasing its strength and durability.

The leading company in the automotive sector has optimized one of the best-selling in its catalog, the Scania’s DT12 engine block. This new version is characterized by a new engine block cover, which softens the curvature of the previous version, increasing the resistance and life of the product!

The new release can be found on the Auto Comercial Monedero B2B web platform by searching for the Monedero reference number: 40010000001. This reference is equivalent to the original Scania references: 1424706, 1540323, 1851982, 2027585, 1425318, 1720096 and 2055383.

The new version of the block is compatible with Scania P/G/R/T series truck models, Irizar PB and Century buses, as well as Scania K/F/N series buses.

The bench cover

Scania’s first DT12 block was launched in 2018 and has been in constant evolution ever since. In the latest version, it debuts a new design of the engine bed cover, in which the curvature of previous models is softened, resulting in greater strength.

The engine main cover is one of the most relevant elements in the lubrication circuit. It is located just below the engine block, but always above the crankcase. The crankshaft is also located inside the part.

Among its functions, we can highlight the solidity it offers to the engine and the containment of the force generated by the crankshaft rotation. It also acts as a retaining wall for the oil.

Due to the important role it plays within the engine mechanism, it is of vital importance that it is resistant to avoid as much wear as possible due to the forces and high temperatures.

Although it is not usual, it can suffer breakdowns due to the passage of time or due to factory defects, such as the loss of liquids responsible for lubrication and cooling of the engine. This could lead to engine failure.

Difference of Scania DT12 block/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)
Difference of Scania DT12 block/ Source: Auto Comercial Monedero (2023)



Continuous innovation

Auto Comercial Monedero was born in Motilla del Palancar in 1998, with the purpose of serving the automotive sector, providing the market with services and products with a high level of quality. Currently, the company develops, manufactures and distributes spare parts, being a reference in the sector and operating in more than 70 countries.

Its values include a commitment to quality, the environment, people’s wellbeing, as well as its commitment to R+D+i. Monedero is a symbol of quality, technology and excellence.

The company’s engineering department receives continuous training on cutting-edge issues in the sector, studying ways to improve products, processes and services. In addition, Auto Comercial Monedero collaborates with specialized entities in the sector. These help its professionals to improve in reverse engineering, which has a positive impact on product development, ensuring the Monedero guarantee.

Reverse engineering

Monedero has the best professionals specialized in reverse engineering, also known as retro-engineering. But… what exactly does this consist of?

Reverse engineering is a process that is carried out with the objective of obtaining information from the design of a product. Through its implementation, it is possible to determine which components make up the product, as well as the way in which they act with each other.

Through this process, Auto Comercial Monedero develops its own components based on the most requested products in the market, but at a much more competitive price.

Thanks to this process, the company is able to market its own brand of spare parts for engines, gearboxes and differentials. In this way, innovation and research play a fundamental role in Monedero’s strategy.

B2B web platform

Monedero has a new B2B web platform with more than 1 million references, complete traceability and personalized assistance in real time.

Through this, you can consult the references you need, since the search engine allows you to search both the name of the product and the original and OEM reference number.

How to do it? Follow these steps:

  1. Register in our online store and fill in the technical data sheet.
  2. Fill the cart with the products you need.
  3. Choose the payment method that suits you best.
  4. And that’s it! You will receive it soon.

Through our B2B web platform you can purchase our Scania DT12 application block and… many more products! Come in, register and take a look.

Monedero, we have what it takes to take you far.


New b2b web platform

Monedero presents its new b2b web platform with more than 1 million references, complete traceability and personalised technical assistance in real time.

Our new b2b web platform is designed to be more accessible, effective and faster in order to offer you the best possible user experience.

Here you have access to complete catalogues with more than 1 million references. In addition, if you register you will be able to enjoy a multitude of advantages.


Do you already know what we have to offer? Discover below all the functions available on our new platform:

  • Consultations: thanks to our responsive and multilingual model, you can consult the references you are interested in from any device and any place.
  • Advanced search: our search engine allows you to search by product name, original reference number and OEM.
  • Invoices and delivery notes: if you register you will be able to download all the invoices and delivery notes of your order history.
  • Full traceability: you will receive information on the status of your orders in real time.
  • Stock: you will be able to check the availability of the products you need and, if there is no stock, the approximate date of their arrival at our facilities.
  • Order automation: you will be able to carry out a massive loading of references in an Excel file to make your purchases, there are no more excuses for not placing your orders! So, register and don’t run out of the components you need.
  • Personalised technical assistance in real time: you will be able to contact us through our chat or by phone, our professionals will be happy to help you!
  • Special discounts: if you register you can enjoy special discounts on orders through our b2b web platform.

What are you waiting for? Enter our b2b web platform and enjoy everything we have to offer.

Monedero, “Closer than ever, Close as always”.

Black Month arrives at Monedero

Enjoy an exclusive 3% discount on your online orders through our B2B platform… more than 1 million references available!

Our new website, which integrates a B2B platform, already has hundreds of registered users in just one month since its inauguration. To celebrate the good reception, we have decided to reward you with a very special Black Fridaya month of online discounts on all our products!

The promotion starts on 25th November and will run until 25th December, valid on all products ordered through our B2B platform. To find out more, you can check the legal terms and conditions on our website by clicking here.

Read on, because in this article you will find out everything you need to do to make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Enjoy #BlackMonedero

Black Friday at Monedero lasts a month! In order to benefit from the promotion you only have to follow a few simple steps:



1. Register in our online shop.
2. Fill your shopping cart with the products you need.
3. When you are going to finalize your purchase, enter the code: BLACKMON22
4. You already have a 3% discount on your purchase! Remember that you can use it unlimited and with no minimum amount.

All brands and products available

In our online shop you can find the best brands in the sector: Monedero, ZF, Bosch, Meritor, Victor Reinz, Glaser, Wabco, Eaton, Lemforder, Jaltest, Valeo, Hella, TRW, Kolbenschmidt, Sachs…. As well as a multitude of products, such as spare parts for engine, gearbox, clutch, differential, power steering, suspension and brakes.
We have application components for heavy and light commercial vehicles, passenger cars and vans, special vehicles… and more! and more!

New B2B platform

In addition to exclusive discounts, this platform gives you access to product data sheets, various search options, document management and personalised and immediate technical assistance.

If you don’t have an account on our B2B platform yet, this is your moment! Sign up to enjoy Black Friday and all the advantages it offers you.


Monedero, official distributor of Reinz and Glaser

In our new Web & B2B platform you have access to the complete catalogue… Enter, register and discover everything we can offer you!

Both brands belong to the Dana Group, a world leader in the supply of highly engineered technologies, sealing and thermal management. Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, it focuses primarily on three markets: passenger cars, commercial trucks, and off-road equipment.

Both Glaser and Victor Reinz are manufactured from the Aragonese plant, Dana Automoción, located in Zaragoza and created in 1964.


Plant in Dana Automoción / Source:
Plant in Dana Automoción / Source:

Victor Reinz, synonymous of innovation

Founded in 1920, the brand represents an important part of German automotive history. Reinz has over 90 years of experience in high performance automotive system sealing systems. In addition, thanks to its commitment to innovation, it has become the preferred partner within the European automotive industry.

In 1993, the Dana Group acquired the Reinz Company. Currently, it is a leader in many product segments on the market and is specialized in gaskets, seals, screws, etc. It is especially recognized for the quality of its gaskets!

Glaser, maximum quality

The brand has been on the market for more than 40 years producing spare parts for engine gaskets. The full range of the products it offers meets high OEM quality standards.

Glaser not only stands out for the quality of its products but also for the people who work in its company, since it is committed to training its employees and their professional development. These values, together with the trust and commitment that they invest in their human resources, make it a recognized brand in the international market of the automotive spare parts sector.

Auto Comercial Monedero continues working to offer you the highest quality products. You can find the entire range of Victor Reinz and Glaser products on our Web & B2B platform


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