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Types of engine pumps for heavy industrial vehicles

In this post we explain the different pumps that you can find in the engine of your industrial vehicle or truck, as well as their functions and some possible breakdowns.

The world of mechanics is very wide, because the automotive sector is constantly evolving as new products and innovations are constantly being introduced. Therefore, if you work in this sector, you must be continuously training.

In this post we will delve into one of the vital components for commercial vehicle engines: pumps. If you want to know the types that exist and the breakdowns that can arise… this is your article!

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Types of pumps

In this post we will focus on the different types of pumps used in a industrial vehicle engine, their functions and the breakdowns they can suffer. It is important to specify this because not all vehicles have the same types of pumps in their engines.

In a industrial vehicle engine we will find: the oil pump, the water pump, the injection pump (in the engine), the AdBlue pump and the clutch pump.

Oil pump

The oil pump is responsible for lubricating all the internal parts of an engine. Due to its importance, manufacturers strive to ensure that they are long-lasting to avoid breakdowns, so it is quite difficult for them to fail.

Even so, it is important to emphasize that, in order to help it function correctly, it is vital to always maintain the correct oil level.

Oil pump with reference 20016000007
Oil pump with reference 20016000007

Water pump

The water pump, also known as antifreeze pump, circulates the antifreeze in the engine. A failure in the water pump would lead to excessive heating of the engine of our vehicle. In the most serious cases, this would result in engine failure due to overheating.

Water pump with reference 10016100009
Water pump with reference 10016100009

Injection pump (on engine)

The electronic air injection pump is responsible for sending air to the injection system. If this part suffers a failure it would manifest very noticeable symptoms, because the vehicle would start to shudder and would give error in the system or V2.

Injection pump with reference 0445010104
Injection pump with reference 0445010104

Hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is responsible for keeping the steering wheel steering “smooth”. If this component were to fail, the driver would quickly notice it, because there would be a lot of noise when turning the steering wheel. In the most severe cases, the steering wheel could even become stiff and the steering wheel would become immobile, making it impossible to move.

Bomba de hidráulica con ref. R902230086
Hydraulic pump with ref. R902230086

AdBlue pump

The AdBlue pump is a device in the anti-pollution system that is responsible for administering the AdBlue additive to the exhaust gases to ensure compliance with the European Euro6 pollution standard.

When this pump malfunctions, a fault code can be displayed on the light display. The consequences can be diverse, but the most common is that the vehicle expels too many polluting fumes to the outside. This, in turn, could result in a penalty for non-compliance with European regulations.

AdBlue pump with reference 0444010025
AdBlue pump with reference 0444010025

Clutch pump

The clutch pump is located in the clutch pedal system and is responsible for making the clutch pedal “smoother” and therefore easier to shift gears.

If the clutch pump malfunctions, this can cause problems when shifting gears. Feeling the clutch pedal slack and hearing an unusual noise in the engine are some of the indications that something is wrong with your clutch pump.

To avoid premature wear of the clutch pump, some measures should be taken such as shifting gears smoothly, not leaving the clutch halfway in and avoiding frequent acceleration of the engine.

Clutch pump with reference 0986486043
Clutch pump with reference 0986486043
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