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Monedero was established in Spain in 1998 to serve the automotive sector, providing the market with high quality products and services

Monedero nace en España en 1998, con el propósito de servir al sector automotriz, proporcionando al mercado servicios y productos con un alto nivel de calidad

Today, Monedero ranks high in the world of electromechanics. Our Spanish company develops, manufactures and distributes spare parts for engines, gearboxes, differentials, power steering, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, cooling and lubrication.

Developments in the automotive sector in recent years have favoured a high volume of activity both nationally and internationally, which Monedero has harnessed effectively. We adhere to the strictest quality standards in all our processes and products so that our customers can be assured of their excellence, part of the Monedero hallmark.

Fachada de AC Monedero
“Tradition and dedication on the road to the future”
Private label and distribution of major brands

Monedero not only markets products under our own brand of spare parts for engines, gearboxes and differentials, but we are also official distributors for a number of top brands in the sector, including Zf, Bosch, Ks, Victor Reinz, Glaser, Meritor, Mahle, Sachs, Lemforder, Trw, Boge, Eaton, Valeo, Saf Holland, Haldex, Sampa, Nissens, Jaltest and Fersa Bearing.

Growing with huge potential

The company has been steadily developing and growing since its inception. We embarked on an internationalisation plan in 2010, which led to exponential growth.

The company takes part in the sector’s main international trade fairs: Frankfurt, Shanghai, Brazil, Turkey. We can therefore forge synergies and relationships with companies all over the world.

Advanced research, development and innovation (RD&I)

We are certain that the path to innovation is what brings us ever closer to our customers. We strive every day to ensure that our products, services and solutions meet the demands of the market.

Being good is never enough, we work tirelessly to ensure that Monedero is a symbol of quality, technology and excellence.

Now active in over 70 countries, Monedero stands as a benchmark company in the sector.
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25th anniversary of Auto Comercial Monedero

Auto Comercial Monedero: 25 years of history

Monedero celebrates its quarter century with the largest investment in its history in the development of new products. Auto Comercial Monedero was born in 1998 in Motilla del Palancar as a small repair shop for engines, gearboxes and different...
Do you know the difference between long block and short block?

Discover the differences between long block and short block

Become an expert and master the characteristics and differences of the different engine blocks. If you work in the sector, or you are passionate about mechanics, you have surely heard about the long block and short block. These have a relevant rol...
Cigüeñal OM471LA

Crankshaft OM471LA Mercedes Benz application

Monedero launched the crankshaft in 2021 and since then it has become one of the brand's TOP products. Crankshaft OM471LA In 2021, Monedero launched a first version of the OM471LA crankshaft, a product in high demand in the aftermarket. Until then...
The success of the D2066/2676 cylinder head MAN application by Monedero

The success of the D2066/2676 cylinder head MAN application by Monedero

The stock has become one of Monedero's star products, and we tell you why. The D2066/2676 cylinder head for MAN applications by Monedero was launched on the market in 2019 and since then it has been one of the brand's most successful products. In ...
Official Bosch Distributor

Did you know that Monedero is an official Bosch distributor?

We can offer you a wide range of spare parts for commercial, light and passenger vehicles, as well as diagnostic equipment. In 2021, Auto Comercial Monedero became an official distributor of Bosch, supplier and world leader in technology and servi...
Les moteurs à hydrogène : l'avenir des transports?

Hydrogen engines: the future of transport?

The European Parliament is in the midst of negotiations to push forward the law banning the production of combustion cars after 2035. In recent months there has been a heated debate about the end date for light-duty combustion vehicles in the Euro...
Monedero, ZF Service Partner


Auto Comercial Monedero is a partner of ZF Aftermarket and specializes in repair and diagnosis of systems and axles, which allows it to offer personalized technical advice to its customers. Since its beginnings in 1998, Auto Comercial Monedero has...


The new b2b web platform has 1 million references, full traceability of an order and personalized technical assistance in real time. At Auto Comercial Monedero we teach you how to use our b2b web platform so that you can place your orders in a sim...
Cárteres de aceite de aplicación Mercedes Benz OM936 y Scania DC13-DC16

Monedero launches new oil pans

Auto Comercial Monedero launches two new oil pans, compatible with Mercedes Benz and Scania brands. The leading company in the automotive sector has developed two oil pans, references that are among the most demanded in the sector in recent months...
Nuevo bloque Scania DT12

Monedero improves the block for Scania DT12

Auto Comercial Monedero has developed a new version of Scania's DT12 block with the purpose of increasing its strength and durability. The leading company in the automotive sector has optimized one of the best-selling in its catalog, the Scania's ...

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